The Wall Garden

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The Wall Garden adds a modern, elegant aesthetic to your home while serving as a functional appliance that grows food and other plants with the power of autonomous horticulture.

A meal's success can hinge on the tiniest gesture. Level up your dining experience by growing fresh herbs, greens, and microgreens with little to no effort at all. The Wall Garden empowers you to share the best tasting produce with the ones you love, every time.

What's Included:

The Wall Garden, Wall Mounting Kit, and Seed Square Starter Pack

The Wall Garden
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You'll be able to pick your wood exterior prior to shipping in Spring 2022.

Muddle the Mint. Chop the Chives. Sear the Sage.

Become a member to get our sustainable seed squares sent straight to your door. Welcome to our wall-to-table movement.

Seed Squares

Each soil-free, fully compostable square is custom-tailored with plant-specific nutrients. They are designed to take total advantage of our autonomous horticulture technology. Each month, pick which plants you want to grow and we’ll send them right to your doorstep. Place them into your system and watch your wall come to life.

Our Current Categories:

Herbs, Greens, Microgreens

  • 100% Pesticide Free
  • plants Organic Seeds
  • Fully Compostable
  • No Soil= No Mess

See What You Can Grow

  • Basil



  • Bibb



  • Sunflower



  • Mint



  • Arugula



  • Radish



  • Dill



  • Spinach



  • Broccoli



  • Parsley



  • Kale



  • Alfalfa