• More Nutrition

    By staying in their roots up until consumption, Miravel plants preserve all their nutrients which translates to better taste, better health and overall better experience.

  • More Transparency

    Miravel plants are grown right in your building and you can see them growing for yourself. No Pests, No plastics, no packaging… All Freshness

  • Less Waste

      Say goodbye to produce rotting in your fridge.

      Miravel Plants can last for months and we guarantee their freshness no matter when you decide to eat them.

      100% Nutrition, 100% Transparency, 0% Waste.

Alan M.

"I’ve been thinking about signing up for the community garden but your plant trays are much better because I don’t have to worry about pests or waiting for years."

"I love being surrounded by plants. My son who is the chef of the house is loving the plant trays and he's been using it to cook for us."
Jeff E.

"It’s all about sustainability, growing your own food, and creating deep community. It brings me joy every time I enter my living room and see my plants thriving."
Roberto G.

"This is literally the best lettuce I’ve had in my life. Since we started the plant membership we started cooking a lot more which has been great for our health goals."
Beisan Z.

"I love plants and so having edible plants in my apartment that are easy to take care of makes me very happy. I love to be a part of the community that you are building in Park La Brea."

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